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“60mins · 一小时” Senior Recital

Sarah Ehle, piano; Zoe Stinson, saxophone; Christina Poveromo, harp

This recital is inspired by the beauty of nature and the idea of environmental protection. Let’s join hands and save the environment. ❤️ See Youtube description for program notes.

Serenity for Bb Clarinet, Cello, and Piano – Cait Nishimura

Audio performance: Hope Trio
Received 100+ photos/videos from people over 10 countries

Covid-19 has created waves of change or everyone. Despite all the unsettling trials that we are forced to navigate and all that we have lost, there is still hope and happiness in the crevices of everyday life. From all our memories and present experiences in quarantine, we present a collection of contented moments captured by friends and family in hopes of reminding us all of what we have. Please enjoy.

Jingel Bells for Clarinet Quartet

Rongbing Shen, clarinet/bass clarinet
Arr. McAllistair

Happy Holidays to all friends and families! 2020 has certainly been an uneasy year for everyone, but your love and supports have made this time feeling much better.

Hope my Jingle Bells video can add more lights to your holiday season. Special thanks to Clarinet mastery with Michelle Anderson for providing digital music score. Best wishes, and please enjoy!

Works with piano

Homage to Emily Dickinson for Bb Clarinet and Piano – Jackson Berkey

“Imaginative“ Junior recital
Nadine Shank, piano

Première Rhapsodie pour Clarinette et Piano – Claude Debussy

“Imaginative“ Junior recital
Nadine Shank, piano

Solo repertoire

Indigo for solo Bb clarinet- Alexa Letourneau

Rongbing Shen, Bb Clarinet
Close collaboration with Alex
Recorded for 2021 Sewanee Winter Festival

Alex describes her composition as, “I wanted this piece to incorporate a lot of different familiar elements (i.e. drones, twelve-tone music, jazz, blues scales, etc.) but in a way that the overall effect is kind of ambiguous and hard to pinpoint. “

This innovative composition by Alexa Letourneau was inspired by the color “indigo” and her appreciation of various music styles. With tremendous hard works and effort from both the performer and the composer, this piece was composed and recorded within a week and was one of the premieres during the 2021 Sewanee composer showcase concert.

Chamber Ensemble & Mixed Ensemble

Capriccio for Saxophone, Clarinet and Piano – John Heins

Trio for Bb Clarinet, Saxophone, and Piano
Rongbing Shen, Clarinet
Zoe Stinson, saxophone
Liat Shapiro, piano
Recorded at Bezanson Recital Hall (UMass Amherst) Nov.3, 2019

Sonata for Two Clarinets- Francis Poulenc

Performed by TS DUO
Juan Tovar, Bb clarinet
Rongbing Shen, A clarinet
Recorded on Dec.11th at UMass Amherst Bezanson Recital Hall

Corker for Bb Clarinet and Percussion – Libby Larsen

“Imaginative“ Junior recital
Duet for Bb Clarinet and Percussion
Rongbing Shen, Clarinet
Jingbo Li, percussion

Hypnos for Bb Clarinet and Vibraphone Michael lorio

Hypnos (Duet for Clarinet and Vibraphone)
Rongbing Shen, Clarinet
Maxwell Newman, Vibraphone
Recorded at Bezanson Recital Hall (UMass Amherst) Feb.8, 2020

Circling – Yunfei Li

It’s currently in the editing process!

Serenity (Audio version)- Cait Nishimura

Serenity Trio for Bb Clarinet, Cello, and Piano
Audio performance: Hope Trio
Recorded from Amherst, Boston, MA and Taiwan in April, 2020

More videos to come…