Assessments, wellness resources, and more

Assessment should provide information to students on an individual level that will provide them with clear direction toward improvement.

– Peter Hamlin from Smart Music

Below are various webpages and music selections I collected and organized from the public domain and Dr.Albert’s music library.


Massachusetts Curriculum Framework Arts

  1. p. 44 (Novice Solo & Ensemble Standards)
  2. p. 45 (Foundations Solo & Ensemble Standards)
  3. p. 46 (Proficient Solo & Ensemble Standards)
  4. p. 47 (Advanced Solo & Ensemble Standards).

Finding Music Resources: A Project of the Music Education program at Gettysburg College

A huge database includes various resources and webpages for music classroom, administration tasks, solo and ensemble music, and more! Highly recommended!

Music Assessment Strategies

Samples of Assessments for Band and Orchestra

The documents below can only be served as a reference, please change the details accordingly to your own teaching needs.

Wellness resources

Brene Brown Daring Classrooms

Aspiring sources for educators. Brene Brown has a great collection of writing and resources focused specifically for educators.

Podcast on burn out

This podcast is about what causes burnout, what it does to our bodies, and how we can move through the emotional exhaustion

Sample Budget Form

Music Publishers and More

Meredith Music Publications

It has excellent resources written by composers and clinicians for instrumental and choral music educators.

GIA Publications

*It publishes the Teaching Music through Performance in Band/Chorus/Orchestra series.

J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

GPG Music

This publisher contains lots of original music for marching band shows, indoor percussion shows, and concert music.

Tresona Music

A website for music licenses purchasing. (For recording, performing, and video publication)

Repertoire Grading Scale